Interested in a head over heels experience? Get the ball rolling with an exciting introduction to zorbing. Discover the thrills that come with zipping and flipping around inside a 12-foot inflatable ball while rapidly traveling downhill. The latest in adventure sports from New Zealand, zorbing is a safe, exciting way to challenge your senses while enjoying an invigorating and unusual experience. It’s all downhill from here!

• Malaysia Longest Ride – 250 meter!!!
• Arrive at the zorbing park for a brief introduction and safety overview
• Choose three different rides - plus the option to travel dry or with a bucket of water tossed inside
• Strap in to your ball and feel the g-force as you start rolling downhill
• Zip, flip, tumble and have fun while sphere-ing and veering down hills

Click to view the “8TV Go-Go-Go Program” & “Longest Ride – Orbing Video
Themed: The Longest Ride Zorbing (250meter official ride)

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